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Bonzly’s completely insane Art Style Challenge!


This art challenge is short and sweet, but HELLA hard to do!
You can do this challenge as many times as you like, you’ll only get better at it with time..

Put your songs on shuffle (or find a random song by other means).

- Level 1
you have to try and develop a cartooning style based on this song. You can play this song (or band) as many times as you like until you develop your style. I don’t care where you get your inspiration from BUT YOU CANNOT LEAVE until you make your new style.
Your style must convey the essence/the vibe/the mood of the song/or band/ or where you get your inspiration from.
Recommendations: Do not detail your work during this time.Use gesture drawings/ quick sketches. Be free and loose. I guarantee it will make your style development more natural. You can add detail once you’re done. 
Do multiple gesture drawings if it helps.

- Refine your new style after your sketches, do this in your own time.
Include Both your sketches and your final drawing to complete the meme

- LEVEL 2!!!
Not hard enough for you? Well you asked for it!
All rules of Level 1 apply, but let’s add one more…

Good luck. You’ll need it.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any recommendations on books about perspective/composition/landscape drawings? The books I have only mentions them in very few pages but I really feel I need to practice this, also thank you all for running this great blog. It is a great help!

Hello anon!
I’d like to make followers aware that we have a [book] tag which recommends various books. I will ad that this tag isn’t as lush as many of our anatomy tags, and as it is just a little tag for tie time being, will need time to grow to suit your specific needs.

Coincidentally, I just so happen to be sitting next to a perspective obsessed artist, so I’m going to give her the wheel for this question!

Okay, Hello.
It really depends what you want to do with the perspective (what your subject matter is). If you’re drawing in a graphic style, a painterly style, a traditionally accurate style.
I’ll assume you want to simply draw accurate perspective, so if you are learning perspective to get elements ‘right’ in Landscape - outside / countryside traditional, then I personally recommend the book

Creating Textured Landscapes with pen, ink and watercolour’.
[Amazon link, which includes ‘look inside’ preview]

If you are wanting to learn about perspective to know how it works in general…
(meaning) how to create both linear perspective and how to draw in circular perspective then go for the book
Vanishing point’.
[Amazon link, which includes ‘look inside’ preview]

It is important recognise the style you are working in
(i.e. Graphic perspective, painterly perspective, accurate perspective).
and then finding a tutorial on you-tube or finding a perspective book that is going to lend to that. 
YouTube is GREAT for free and helpful tutorials.

Best of luck,

In addition to this AnatomicalArt has two useful tags for you.
[Perspective Tag]  and [Composition Tag]
which may also help you in your efforts.

Now to move onto composition!

Composition is all about how your eye travels around the page.
Composition is ALL about, is trying to get the audience to stare at a picture for longer.
A well composed picture will take your eyes on a journey, it will either…

  • Walk you through the entire picture.
    (How long can you make this journey last?)

  • or by highlighting the most important aspect of the picture.
  • OR! Createing an overall shape
    (usually eater a circle, square or triangle)
    Triangles are often considered to be the most important shape once can create in a picture.

The Triangle:image


The Circle:

The Square:


Any perspective book will also touch on the idea of composition, so perches of a perspective book is a great idea!

Photography books, surprisingly, may be of more help to you with creating composition then art books. Composition is just such a huge part of photography.
I recommend you take a look at the Photography Composition books in the bookstore next time you visit one. I’m sure you’ll find one that catches your eye.

Perspective takes a LONG time to learn, so do not become distraught if the learning is slow.

Composition is a HARD thing to accomplish, and of course it is impossible to create a composition so perfect your audience will look at your piece forever.

Artists have been studying both composition and perspective for generations and never gotten it ‘perfect’, it is all a matter of opinion, but the more you research, the more you practice, the more you know the more you’ll be able to accomplish! This post only scratches the surface of what perspective and composition has to teach you.

Just look at pictures you love, practice different things as often as you can, and you can only get better!
Good luck in your studies!

Kind regards,
-Mamma Katie 


Anonymous asked: Long time follower; no problem with the penis refs or anything, but could you maybe do a vag reference post soon? I never find vagina/vulva tutorials, it's so sad :[

There is one in the que that our member [Jack] found.
I’ll find it in the que post it now.
I’ll admit, these kind of references are very hard to find.

If any followers out there know of any good anatomical references for Vaginas please send a link of them (or submit them) to AnatomicalArt.
This is strictly for anatomical reference.
[ask box] || [submission box]
It is something that this blog has very little reference for. We realise this is a gap in our avalable resources and we would like to try and fix this issue.

Kind regards
-Admin Katie


credits: ron lemen, kevin chen, michael hampton, michael matessi, various others

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A wonderous fuck-ton of penis and ass references (per request [though, let’s face facts; this was gonna show up at some point anyway]).

And please, for the love of god… the first image was an ice-breaker for whomever might not be able to handle the pein. Swallow your complaints with a Cialis and scroll by if you have issues.

[From various sources.]



A breakdown of medieval armor, since a lot of pieces are required to create a full suit.

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this took like five minutes to do and thats how easy it should be. hope this helps in anyway?

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