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How I remove white backgrounds from scans.

I can never get the other method to work that I have seen here on some tutorial blogs. So I found another way which is much more simple in my opinion. I am not sure if it will work on later versions of photoshop. I am using the cs5 version. 

Hope this helps someone!

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A good reference if you want to learn to draw the figure at an angle.

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I’m always leaving out feet because I really suck at drawing feet and shoes… So here some studies.

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I drew earzzzz


I drew earzzzz


Figure drawing notes of Kevin Chen, one of the best character design teachers in the industry. His analytical approach of the subject is very helpful in live drawing classes, as well as drawing from imagination.

His classes are not only dealing with anatomy details, but also cover most of drawing fundamentals, such as rithm, values, perspective and construction.

Be sure to check all his thread on Conceptart, all the info compressed there is very valuable.



Source: Analytical Figure Drawing SP08- A blog from an ‘08 figure drawing class that offers useful information about the figure.

I only put a couple of images here to preview, click the link to see the rest!

Thanks to the lovely anon who showed me this!

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