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So Photoshop does this thing where um

i don’t even know how to put this in words

you’ll want to draw a line or resize something to a very specific spot, but (and i guess it’s almost like what magnets do sort of?) it’ll kind of… twitch?? or uh… avoid?? anyway it’ll only let you do the thing basically anywhere BUT where you want to do the thing

and basically i’m wondering if there’s any way to disable this or something? I really hope this made sense to someone…

Hello friend! I think that you have Snap enabled, I had the same problem ^^ Go to the bottom of the View menu and turn it off. I hope that helps! <3

Digital posing tools for iPhone and Android

Have you heard of two iPhone apps called “Pose Tool” and “Handy” ?

Pose Tool lets you pose a male or female figure, light it, see muscle groups, change body types, and position your camera. It’s good on the fly app for anyone who wants to pose their reference or change perspective.

Handy is a library of high quality hands and has faces, male and female. This is great for complicated hand positions and also has a pretty robust lighting system. I just thought I’d let you all know. 


Video Preview


Video Preview


so i realized my bedhead w/ short hair may actually be a good ref for really curly messy hair and i was thinking of making a character with messy messy messy curly hair s o???  uploading i guess it’s not perfect i’m closer and farther in some but w/e



Start with a basic outline of what you want to draw and fill it with basic colors to start with.


Next, replace the black outline with a darker outline with colors similar to the basic colors you already chose. Feel free to add some minor details.


Continue adding details to give a sense of dimension.


Finally add the finishing touches, shading and what not, work over it until the illusion is given that it is not just a flat object, but has weight and depth.

Easy cell shading coloring tutorial in Paint Tool SAI bura.

Xavier Robles de Medina, Self-portrait, Oil on linen, 25” x 30”
Facebook       Blogspot       Tumblr

Xavier Robles de Medina, Self-portrait, Oil on linen, 25” x 30”

Facebook       Blogspot       Tumblr

Artist: Xavier Robles de Medina

Image 1: Oil on Linen
Image 2: Watercolor and graphite on paper

Links: Blogspot and Facebook 
Submitted By Xavierdrdm